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Ways To Stop Premature Ejaculation In Men Naturally

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Ways to stop premature ejaculation are needed to learn because almost every man at some point during his sexual life will experience it, thus it is crucial to examine the ways to stop premature ejaculation and retain one’s ‘manhood’ by satisfying his partner. Premature ejaculation is a condition where one experiences uncontrollable involuntary ejaculation immediately after sexual contact with another or even worse, before the actual penetration. This commonly results to tension, unhappiness, frustration and sometimes break ups between some couples. .

It is important first to consider some of the most common causes of premature ejaculation (PE) before examining ways of stopping it. One of the biggest known causes is anxiety. Most men who suffer from this predicament experience a rush of uncontrollable feelings triggered by a slight stimulation from the partner. Nervousness could be caused by anything; you could be worried about not making your partner climax, or not being sexually experienced enough.

Another likely cause of PE could be stress or depression. Some men engage in sex as a way of relieving stress and with little regard on their partners. Others engage in it, while preoccupied by stressful issues like financial woes, job related problems or conflict with the spouse. All these serve to derail any meaningful and satisfying intercourse.

On rare occasions, PE is caused by a medical disorder; inflammation of the prostate gland or a disorder in one’s nervous system. In this situation, one is advised to seek professional medical care from a qualified doctor and after early diagnosis and proper treatment, you will stand a better chance at recovery.

Ways to stop premature ejaculation have been researched by many companies because they have today taken advantage of the fact that millions of men suffer from PE by manufacturing all sorts of drugs and creams for the same. However, before you resort to drugs, you should exhaust the natural ways of curbing PE. The simplest way is to practicing how to recognize the point of no return (PNR) considering it is different in every man. This is the point at which a man can no longer prevent ejaculation.

When you identify your PNR, you should aim at prolonging it by asking your partner to stimulate you through masturbation up to a point near the PNR then stopping to ‘cool off’ repeatedly. This should be coupled with deep slow breathing in order to curb anxiety. It is crucial to communicate with your partner on your problem and your desire to overcome otherwise it could be a very embarrassing and awkward situation. It will also aid in eliminating the tension.

Among the ways to stop premature ejaculation, the simplest may be to use a condom and to practice withdrawal. The condom reduces stimulation on a man’s organ considerably thus prolonging the love making. Whenever you feel you are almost reaching PNR during intercourse, you should withdraw gently and focus on stimulating on other areas of your partner through touch or tongue, but remember to communicate.

Ways to stop premature ejaculation theories have been advanced in many ways however, it is worth noting that through patience and practice this problem can be overcome with time. Remember to strengthen your genital muscles by practicing stopping urination mid-way then proceeding regularly. It is my hope if you faithfully consider the above natural remedies, you will be able to have a prolonged and mutually fulfilling love making with your partner.




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