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Ways To Last Longer In Bed

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Ways to last longer in bed have been wished to be found by every guy. For some men, this is a momentary thing, perhaps due to a poor performance. Unfortunately for others, it can be an ongoing quest to try to raise their own sexual bar. Thankfully, there are many non-medical strategies to help deal with, and prevent early finishes.

Regretfully, many men psych themselves out before they even begin. The idea that sex must be amazing to be any good is an unfair and lofty goal. This goal puts undue stress on the person, and prevents him from being able to just enjoy what is going on. Most partners feel that even just being together is enough to complete the mood. When the performer is able to let go of this goal and just have fun, he will soon find that his time will increase.

Over-excitement is another big reason why some bedtime adventures are short. Sex can be great and really exciting, but the participants should pace themselves. Stopping or slowing down and just enjoying each other’s body is one of a good ways to last longer in bed some time. Remembering the love and bonding can be just as fun as a roller coaster session.

Another strategy for dealing with over-excitement is to find distractions. Some suggest thinking of something that is a turnoff to help temporarily decrease the libido. The catch to this is that such thoughts can cause a guy to become completely turned off, and lose interest altogether. A not so intense idea is to imagine building a structure piece by piece. The monotony will distract, but can easily be put aside when the participant is ready to go full force again.

Ways to last longer in bed also involve a very important thing about taking care of the body. Eating healthy and exercising produces more happy hormones in the blood stream. These hormones (specifically serotonin and melatonin) produce a happier person with a higher sex drive. While they may not make each performance last longer, they can speed up recovery and encourage multiple encores generating longer “overall” romps.

The pre-sex preparation can play a big factor as well. Many gentlemen find that masturbating a few hours before having intercourse can become one of the ways to last longer in bed to help delay the finish. However, take into account that masturbation habits can hinder the body as well. If the body starts to think that ejaculation needs to come quickly during a solo act, it will believe this during partner activities as well. Prolong single sessions to help acclimatize.

One more simple trick is to empty the bladder beforehand. The pressure caused by the colliding of pelvises can stimulate the man’s body and encourage ejaculation. A simple bathroom trip can help with this.

Ways to last longer in bed consist of many numerous natural method, it is up to each person to find what is right for him. Finding a non-judgmental partner who is willing to participate in the “trial and error” process can be a liberating experience. But in the end, the performance is up to the individual, and only his body and efforts can fix the problem.




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