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How To Prevent Early Ejaculation Tips

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How to Prevent Early Ejaculation ? If you are suffering from premature ejaculations and wanting very much to know how to get ejaculation in the normal way, this article will be of great help to you.

Beforehand, let us define in simple terms what premature ejaculation is. When you ejaculate before your partner achieves his or her orgasm, then that is what you call early or premature ejaculation. This thing is very common in men especially those who have no sexual encounter yet. Normally, these men crave to experience the so-called sex.

It is best that you know why this happens for you to be able to prevent it. The usual reason of this occurrence is that men have this tendency to feel anxious regarding their bed performance. In this case, you have to condition your mind and body. Take a glass of wine and try to relax your feelings.

Do not think about it too much. When you are in the edge of bursting out, slow down a little or if possible, stop thrusting and distract yourself with some other thoughts . You can take a deep breath and once you have settled to lower down your libido, you can the proceed with your lovemaking act.

How to prevent early ejaculation? one of the solution for this question is by using withdrawal technique. Once you are nearing your orgasm, withdraw your organ from your lover. Think of another things to divert your attention from releasing your semen. You can squeeze or pinch your penis a little just to prevent ejaculation. You have to bear in mind though that you need to communicate with your lover because she might feel bad about it especially when she is also at the verge of her climax.

Another thing about how to prevent early ejaculation is to lengthen your foreplay experience. Spend more time stimulating your partner and her sensations until she is nearing her climax. In this way, you will both achieve, at the same time, your orgasms because the moment you insert your penis to her vagina, you two are at your climax already.

When things still does not work for you, try to familiarize your sensations. This time, you need to masturbate and practice several methods that would let you determine which method stimulates you right away. When you can do this with your partner, try different positions and know what position best stimulates you.

You may also try wearing a condom. Condoms lessen the sensations and thus could prolong your lovemaking act. Aside from that, condom is beneficial in preventing sexually transmitted diseases. So this is like hitting two birds with one stone.

How to prevent early ejaculation with these natural methods and techniques may not always work for you. When all these tips do not work well for you, I recommend that you go to a sex therapist and seek his or her advice. It is possible that the underlying cause of your premature ejaculation is not the usual performance anxiety. There is probably some thing in you that has to be fixed by an expert. Do not let this worry you though because you are not alone. A lot of men has this and in order to get better in their performance they should learn and know about how to prevent early ejaculation.





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