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Ways To Avoid Premature Ejaculation

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Ways to avoid premature ejaculation are sought after by many men. Not only does it bruise ego, but it can also be a nagging discomfort in many relationships. Many remedies for this problem have been forwarded, some which are medical, others physical and others being psychological. We now discuss some non medical and natural ways to avoid premature ejaculation.

They say it takes two to tango. In sex, it takes both partners to ensure maximum relish in lovemaking. When the man comes too early, the woman is left hanging because she finds difficulty in reaching orgasm. Taking more time in foreplay lowers the threshold at which a woman will reach an orgasm. Prolonged foreplay therefore means the woman takes much lesser time to reach climax.

Some men get overly excited by sex which makes them climax long before lovemaking picks proper momentum. Getting too much arousal during foreplay may trigger off ejaculation as soon as intercourse commences. This can be avoided by keeping thoughts in check and focusing more on what is happening rather than letting things spin out of control.

Ways to avoid premature ejaculation also include intense friction. Intense friction when making love also makes the man come too early. Extreme sensation resulting from friction overwhelms the sensitive glands in the penis causing an untimely semen release . Using extra lubrication reduces the sensation and hence enabling one to sustain intercourse for a longer period. Wearing a condom also decreases sensation hence leading to a longer performance.

Ways to avoid premature ejaculation, especially position is very important in having enjoyable sex, the position adopted is also a determining factor when it comes to performance. The missionary position in particular is hugely popular across many couples, and has been identified as a cause of premature ejaculation. This is because it exerts severe muscular tension as the man supports most of his body weight on his arms. Utilizing positions such as the female superior (female on top) or side by side (spooning) limits muscular tension on the man hence leading to a longer performance.

Ejaculating before sex also enhances prolonged lovemaking. The more times a man climaxes, the more he is able to sustain lovemaking for longer periods. Lovers may aid each other here by engaging in exercises that would make the man come before actual intercourse begins. This ultimately leads to a longer performance and by extension, mutual satisfaction.

Masturbation is also instrumental in combating premature ejaculation. Most men have a fast track orgasm approach to masturbation. Bad masturbation habits like this are primary causes of shortened performance. Instead of rushing to an orgasm, taking more time to masturbate before climaxing will enhance the ability to carry on lovemaking for a longer period. When it comes to actual intercourse, this technique allows one to ward off coming early thus leading to a longer performance.

Ways to avoid premature ejaculation can be done by pleasing one another and achieving mutual satisfaction in a relationship. Working together towards building intimacy and relishing satisfaction during intercourse has to be the ultimate goal of any couple. Using these ways will ultimately lead to mutual sexual satisfaction.




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