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Causes For Premature Ejaculation

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Causes for premature ejaculation is one of the main problems that sexually active men try to solve. It is also a very embarrassing problem, especially because one unable to satisfy a woman. The main tip to solving this problem lies in learning the causes for premature ejaculation. It after one has learned the cause that they will be able to get a natural treatment.

One of the main causes of this problem is excitement. When a man is too excited about the act, it will be impossible to control the sexual stimulus and thus you will find one ejaculating too fast. To make sure that this does not happen, it is essential to be always in a relaxed state when having sex. This way one will be able to stay hard for longer.

Too much arousal is also another cause of the dilemma. Sometimes it can be extremely difficult for a man to stay for long enough when he is too aroused. It is advisable that one finds means to cool off when he is too aroused. This way one will not be at the risk of leaving a partner unsatisfied.

Anxiety is another leading source in early ejaculation. One should not get anxious before or during the sexual act. This anxiety can be caused by tension and thinking a lot while having sex. One could be overcome by thoughts on pregnancy, sexual performance, work stress or even morality issues. To make sure that you last long, it will be important to only think of satisfying the partner and push all problems aside.

Causes for premature ejaculation may be also contributed by relationship problems. This may include feeling of being cheated on by your partner. In other cases you may find that the problem lies in the fact that the ex was better than the current. It is thus very important to clear out these issues before setting out to sleep with your partner.

Confidence issues are also a part of the cause of this issue. Some men may be afraid that they will not stay hard for long. They thus prefer to ejaculate fast rather than face the embarrassment. The only way to sort this issue is to believe in yourself. This way you will be able to go all the way.

Extreme penis sensitivity is another thing that can lead to early ejaculation. To curb this problem, one should focus on mind control. You should forget about the problem that you are facing. This way you do not think about it and you will be able to stay hard for the desired time. Wearing a condom can also solve the sensitivity problem.

Causes for premature ejaculation also depend on experience because inexperience is another major cause of the trouble especially in young people who are out to try it for the first time. Some may even ejaculate long before their pants are down. This can be controlled through practice and relaxing during the act. Too much stimulation will only lead you in to trouble. Another cause of the problem could be masturbation. People who used to masturbate a lot as kids will find it extremely difficult to stay put for long. With the use of these non medical suggestions, all causes for premature ejaculation will be put in control.




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