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How To Prevent Pre Ejaculation Naturally And Non Medically

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How to prevent pre ejaculation ? there are many things that can cause pre ejaculation. Some are health reasons, and others are completely voluntary. Many of these reasons are caused by bad habits that you may have had for years and not even noticed.

Masturbation Habits

If you want to know how to prevent pre ejaculation first, by changing your masturbation habits can actually reduce the risk that you will pre ejaculate. Typically, from the beginning of puberty, the main purpose of masturbation is to ejaculate. Starting at a young age, you learn your own body and quickly realize what it takes to get this reaction as fast as possible. Increasing the time it takes to bring yourself to a climax can actually prevent premature ejaculation.

Reduce the Amount of Time It Takes Your Partner

Premature ejaculation is simply the constant inability to perform long enough to satisfy your partner. However, this may not exactly be because of you. Foreplay excites your partner and gets the blood flowing, this can actually enable you to satisfy your partner even if you do not last for a long period of time. Females need more stimulation to even get started, reducing the amount of time she needs, will draw away focus from how long you last.

Set Aside Anxiety

Most cases of premature ejaculation are caused by performance anxiety. Instead of wondering if you are performing well enough to satisfy your partner. To help set anxiety to the side, ask her to show you how she likes you to move. Asking for gentle guidance can help you learn what your partner likes rather than simply wondering. It also gives your partner a sense of mental satisfaction by knowing that you want to please her and are wanting to make her happy.

How to prevent pre ejaculation concerning this problem is actually more prominent when you are with a new partner or when you are recovering from relationship problems. The feeling of being inadequate or unsure of yourself typically accompanies a new relationship or a rebuilding of a relationship. The fear of not pleasing your partner can add enough anxiety to cause you to ejaculate prematurely because you are not paying attention to your body and what it is telling you.

Avoid Alcohol and Drugs

How to prevent pre ejaculation can also involve alcohol, because alcohol and some prescription and not prescription drugs can cause you to be less aware of your physical self. This in itself can cause premature ejaculation. If you don’t know, or cannot control, what your body is doing, you can loose sight of your objective.

Use a Fun Teasing Method

Using this method will help you control when you ejaculate. When you feel that you are close to that point, pull out and gently squeeze the base of your penis between your thumb and forefinger. Maintain the pressure until the feeling is almost gone. Wait for 10 to 20 seconds before resuming intercourse. Not only will this help you avoid ejaculation, it will also help build the suspense your partner feels.

Training Your Body

How to prevent pre ejaculation by training your body may sound difficult. However, it is all about practice. It is not a quick process and you should not feel embarrassed about accidents while you are teaching your body. Remember, in the case of the occasional accident, there are other ways you can please your partner even after you are finished.





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