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Exercises To Last Longer In Bed

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Exercises to last longer in bed are needed by many men all over the globe suffer with male impotence, or a lack of sexual agility in the bedroom. This may stem from a multitude of reasons. The following are a few ideas and exercises to last longer in bed.

Kegel Exercises were named after a scientist whose last name was Kegel and invented the exercise to some extent. To do Kegel Exercises, you must first find your PC muscle, which is located in the shaft of the penis. To find the PC muscle is easy, just pretend like you are relieving yourself and pretend to stop the flow of urine. That little sinking in feeling in your penis is the contraction of your PC muscle. Most men are surprised to know that by finding their PC muscle, they have successfully completed a Kegel Exercise.

When doing Kegels, it is best advised to slowly increase the number of “reps” and the amount of time each rep lasts. It may be hard for some men at first to successfully complete a few Kegels, some find it hard to accomplish just one, but it has been found that the more regularly men exercised their PC’s through Kegels, the easier the exercises to last longer in bed got over time.

Exercises to last longer in bed by doing Kegels will help increase the time it takes to ejaculate while having sex. The idea is that when a man is about to ejaculate, he can contract his PC by doing a Kegel and he may suppress the urge and be up to go back to work. It may not work the first attempt, but with constant Kegels, it may be possible to have multiple orgasms.

Edging is too a free, easy way to increase your ability to last longer in bed.

Edging entails every man’s favorite past-time, masturbation. The idea of Edging is to masturbate slowly and to stroke the shaft of the penis very lightly, slowly increasing speed, but never going full throttle. One may work their way up to the frenulum and massage the head and the surrounding area. The man keeps doing this until he feels the urge to ejaculate. Once this urge arises, the man should immediately stop, move back down the base of the penis, and slowly stroke while relaxing. The goal is to not ejaculate.

One final exercise that is not unheard of is “Jelqing” or “Penis Milking”.

Jelqing begins by lubricating the penis and by then forming an “OK” sign with either of your hands. One can place this sign either at the top of the penis or at the base of the penis, it is but a matter of personal preference. From your starting point, work your way either up or down, and once you’ve either reached the top or bottom, do the same with the other hand. The goal is to create a constant milking motion.

Exercises to last longer in bed, how to do it ? one should try these exercises at home, and to familiarize themselves with it. Quite possibly even develop a “routine”. Who knows, maybe these exercises will prove to be beneficial in the long run for many men who suffer from various problems.




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