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Reasons For Premature Ejaculation

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Reasons for premature ejaculation, why can it happen ? premature ejaculation takes place when a man ejaculates much earlier than desired. It can take place prior to having sexual penetration or right upon penetration. However and whenever it happens, it can lead to a loss of an erection, which can be quite embarrassing and a less than satisfactory sexual experience. One need not however despair since as the problem is quite common and highly treatable and thus it is important that a man understand the reasons for premature ejaculation so as to treat it.

There are very many reasons why a man may experience this sort of ejaculatory problem. These are generally of two sorts. The first and more common sorts of reasons have to do with human psychology. The second sorts which are far less common have to do with human biology.

The psychological reasons for premature ejaculation can be such things as relationship problems, performance anxiety, stress, Depression, problems involving a person prior sexual history, and so on. For example, a man who struggles with anxiety may find himself rushing to initiate sex and ejaculate in the process.

Reasons for premature ejaculation from biological view are varying. In some cases it has to do with abnormal hormone levels, thyroid problems or even traits that may have been inherited. At times it could even involve problems with the urethra or prostrate such as an inflammation. In such situations, experts ought to be consulted.

If biological reasons have been ruled out, then proper response to the aforementioned psychological problems is to discuss them with the sexual partner or with a trusted confidant. If having a discussion does not seem to be helping then one can also consult a competent counselor and discuss the issue.

While one is trying to sort out their psychological issues, they can also try out some common non-medical and natural techniques to help prevent this ejaculatory problem. One simple method is to simply masturbate roughly one or two hours before intercourse. This will help release some energy and later on while having sex, it may help delay ejaculation. Other activities that can be pursued could be yoga, getting a good massage or quite simply doing stretching exercises that can help relieve tension.

Another method, known as the Squeeze Method can be practiced during foreplay. It involves stimulating the penis to almost near the point of ejaculation. When this point has been reach, the area right below the glans (i. E. Head) of the penis adjoining the shaft, must be squeezed. This squeeze must be held for several seconds until the desire to ejaculate recedes and the penis has become less erect than before.

Once this happens, wait for about thirty seconds and then re-initiate foreplay and once again when the penis has reached the point of ejaculation, apply the squeeze again. This can be continued many times and the end result will be that the man will have been conditioned not to ejaculate when entering his partner and hence he will have been trained to delay his ejaculation. The Squeeze Method has been found to be a tried and proven method for many couples experiencing this problem.

Reasons for premature ejaculation are simply to be learned and solved, so keep learning and practicing to control your ejaculation with proper method and high spirit. When you have mastered it, you will enjoy it.




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