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#1 Solution For Premature Ejaculation – Last Longer In Bed Tonight !

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Lasting Longer in Bed – Increase Your Natural Enjoyment of Sex

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Lasting longer in bed  help that anytime these guys find natural ways to last longer in bed they constantly only see ads for pills and creams which are products they would alternatively avoid. I understand this irritation and will reveal a wonderful way of lasting longer in bed naturally that can last permanently and is easy to do.

Retraining Your Mind and body To Last Longer During sex

Masturbation Exercising – This is an old trick that actually works really well, nevertheless it must be done right. Yes you can have sex when using masturbation exercise method. You can even use the same method during sex you do in ones training by withdrawing out of your partner and waiting for yourself to calm back off, when you are calm you may continue with sex. Again make sure you let your partner know the proceedings or they may be put off when you suddenly stop.

My extensive experiences with tantric yoga, ancient sexuality practices, and contemporary western therapeutic paradigms have exposed people to many ‘tricks-of-the-trade’ in regards to coming.

In this post I’ll attempt to distill a number this simple but potent wisdom. Ideally men seeking to figure out how to last longer in bed, or even just to educate themselves sexually, can begin to use this as a roadmap for their quest. And then a very worthy quest it’s too, (speaking being a woman).

If there is one thing I cannot resist it is a man who is dedicated to learning more about his body and sexuality in general.

I know I speak for a lot of other women when I say that the most important quality in a lover can be a commitment to improving the quality of his, together with his partner’s, erectile experiences.


1. Relax and increase your system awareness

There are many techniques out there to help you out relax and be more able to ‘feel’ your body. For a yoga practitioner, I have experience with powerful unwinding, meditation and breathing techniques that can all serve a man in his quest of lasting longer in bed.

Perhaps the simplest technique is just watching your breathing during sex. Not controlling it, simply noticing it.

Masters together with Johnson also developed a method known as “sensate focus exercises” which i use extensively in my practice as sexual surrogate therapist and ‘sex coach’.

2. Instead, notice the pleasure as it is happening. The pleasure will show you what is good. It is the ultimate teacher when it comes to sex.

In other words, to last longer in bed, don’t think about lasting longer in bed!

3. Increase knowing of your sexual arousal.

Again, open your awareness to your feelings of pleasure and pay close attention to your arousal levels. Awareness is the first step to understanding; which is itself a step towards mastery.

Consentrate on your pleasure during sex, all through masturbation, or even the subtle pleasure you feel when a gorgeous woman gets relating to the bus.

4. Increase your sexual arousal to higher levels.

There are many techniques you can learn to extend your pleasure. Because you become more aware of your sexual arousal a natural increase in your arousal level is inevitable.

This will happen because you will become familiar and at ease your pleasure, and your system will propel you to help greater heights naturally, letting you not only enjoy your sex more, but and to last longer to footwear!

Be sure to practice sex and pleasure quite often, so your body can keep teaching you.

5. Master your sexual arousal consistently at higher levels.

Lasting Longer in bed as your sexual satisfaction naturally increases with even more practice, you will commence to ‘play’ with it. The recommended number involving repetitions are twenty-five a day just to be able to see a change in performance. If this exercise is challenging then completing as many as possible is recommended rather then pushing towards the twenty-five restrict.




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