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Ways To Prevent Ejaculation Naturally

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Ways to prevent ejaculation will be explained with a few method in this article. As we know ejaculation during sex is often regarded as the end of the love making act. Most women love to cuddle while men just want to roll over but that is a story for another day. Unfortunately, sometime ejaculation happens a little sooner than most men and their partners would like. If this happens too often then it might become an embarrassment and cause distress between the couple. There are other men who might go for up to half an hour but still feel they would like to last longer than that.

No there will not be any creams, pills or some combination of products that will leave you with meaningless or half-bake results. These will just be a few natural or non-medical ways you can use to gain control of the situation or ways to prevent ejaculation.

Relax and take it slow. Make the foreplay last a little longer, get comfortable. Allow yourself to enjoy it without rushing into penetration. Let your partner explore every part of you and allow your whole body to feel aroused. After penetration do it in constant, slow but even motions then build up gradually. You will be amazed to find out that the woman actually enjoys it as the pace picks up steam and you will be able to last longer.

Do you masturbate? Most men do, they like to have a little one-on-one with the little guy. It is easy to rush to some place private and release as quickly as possible. A lot of men bring this habit along from their teenage years. This habit could be detrimental to your sexual performance. Limit it to a minimum but if possible stop it completely.

Ways to prevent ejaculation can be done with practice mental control and reduce anxiety levels. During intercourse or sexual activity, it is very easy to get overly excited or extra aroused. Focus on what both of you would like to achieve from this interaction and keep your mind in check. Do not be selfish, focus on your partner and allow the sex to be meaningful. A previous poor performance should not keep you worried on whether you are going to perform. Be positive.

The missionary position or man-on-top as it is popularly known is the most common sex position in the world. Unfortunately, with missionary position your muscles are flexed supporting your weight. This will create tension in your muscles. Muscle tension and muscle contractions contribute to ejaculation and orgasm.

If making love in this position, take the pressure off the testicles by spreading your legs wider. Keep changing the sexual position. Preferably, do the woman on top, you will be more relaxed and you will have control of your ejaculation, this is one of the best ways to prevent ejaculation.

Ways to prevent ejaculation can be done by natural ways. This is the good news that this do not require you rushing to the doctor. These methods will allow you to regain your confidence and enjoy sexual intimacy. Your partner will enjoy and she will thank you for it too. Long lasting passionate lovemaking is possible and every man should be able to achieve it.



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