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How To End Premature Ejaculation In Men

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How to end premature ejaculation? Premature ejaculation occurs when a man reaches orgasm before he or his female partner wants it. Some people call it premature climax because both partners often wish that ejaculation will occur later. This can also be defined as the condition that exists when a female partner reaches orgasm before the male partner. This condition is usually unwanted. Hence, men (and sometimes the women too) are often puzzled with how to end premature ejaculation.

Usually, a man is said to ejaculate prematurely if penetration does not last more than two minutes before ejaculating. Unfortunately, several researches have confirmed that most men (more than 75%) ejaculate prematurely in more than half of their total sexual encounters. This phenomenon is seen in most men and it is said that men ejaculate prematurely at least once in their sexual encounters.

Most times, help for this is usually sought by seeking medical attention for drugs and injections. However, there are natural techniques to use that are also very effective. One good advantage of the natural technique is that it saves money and also improves general health conditions.

How to end premature ejaculation consists of several ways of solving this problem naturally. It is however unfortunate that most men do not seek solutions because they think it is not possible to stop ejaculating prematurely during a sexual intercourse. Women do not like it when their men reach orgasm before themselves so they sometimes prefer using vibrators. Therefore, for men to really satisfy their women in bed, it is encouraged to learn some tips of how to end premature ejaculation.

Although this problem stops naturally after some time, this is not so with most men. Besides, the improvement in the delay may only be for a few seconds. A method that was presented by the Masters and Johnson Research Team is known as the start and stop method. In this method, the man relaxes for a few minutes when he is about to reach orgasm. This means that he has to study the sensations that make him reach orgasm so as to be able to control it.

After resting to the point where he feels no urge to ejaculate, the man can begin thrusting again. If this is done severally, the female partner will tend to get satisfied and reach orgasm too. However, relaxation does not necessarily mean withdrawing from penetration; instead, it means reducing the depth of thrusting as well as doing it in a slower way. During relaxation, a man can continue the intimacy by frequent kisses and caressing. Doing this can even let the female unaware of the relaxation. If this is done frequently, men will learn to stay longer in bed without being very conscious about their efforts.

Another way of controlling this is by performing the exercises that help in controlling the pubococcygeus muscles (PC muscles). An example of such exercise is the kegel exercise. The PC muscle is said to be loose when ejaculating. This means that stronger ones can be controlled better during a sexual encounter.

How to end premature ejaculation? In addition to solving this problem in men, the kegel exercise also helps to improve erections since the PC muscle regulates the strength of the penis during erection. The PC muscle for men can be detected by trying to prevent urine when the urge to urinate comes. Exercises for the PC muscle is basically contraction and relaxation, which should be done for ten seconds, five seconds and thirty seconds (that is three times per day). Breaks between contraction and relaxation for each exercise should also be ten seconds, five seconds and thirty seconds respectively.



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