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Premature Ejaculating – An Important Overview

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Premature Ejaculating should be known well by men in this world because men will be able to last longer in bed if they know how to prevent premature ejaculating. Premature ejaculation occurs when men expel their semen very early after reaching orgasm. This is usually an unwanted situation so many efforts have been done to find out the causes and possible solutions to this problem.

There are basically two types of premature ejaculation; these are primary and secondary premature ejaculation. The primary type (also known as life long) refers to premature ejaculating that occurs within one minute after penetration. It also refers to the case where a man has not been able to delay ejaculation up till the time he or his female partner wants it in almost all his sexual encounters. The secondary case refers to the situation where the man may have just started experiencing the problem. In other words, secondary ejaculation is an acquired type of early ejaculation.

The causes of premature ejaculation vary among people and situations. For example, orgasm is usually more delayed in aged men than in young men. A man who is getting acquainted with his wife (as in the case of newly married couples) can experience this problem more frequently than those that have been married for long.

Premature ejaculating can also be caused by another situation that can trigger this phenomenon is the sudden/unexpected sight of your wife’s private organ. It can also be caused by anxiety, depression, guilt and other psychological factors. Some men also experience this as a result of injury and the side effects of certain medications. Men with erectile dysfunction and relationship problems also experience this. Biological causes of ejaculating prematurely include insufficient hormone level, insufficient amount of brain chemicals such as neurotransmitters, improper reflex activity controlled by the ejaculating system, problems with the thyroid gland and problems with the prostate or urethra. Very few cases of this condition also result from damage of the nervous system and mental health problems. Drugs known as psychotropics, which affect the balance of the brain chemicals can also cause to this condition.

Although this does not have any health implication on men, there are other problems that may arise. For instance, it can cause relationship between a man and a woman to become sour. Many women become unfaithful to their husbands while some often rely on the use of vibrators instead of going to bed with their husbands.

Another problem that may arise is difficulty in fertilization. A woman may not be able to get pregnant if her husband does not last long in bed with her. If this problem is experienced, then it is encouraged for the man and woman to meet an expert for infertility treatment.

There are several non medical cures for this problem. One of them is the application of exercises. Yoga and kegel are believed to be very good for this. Researches are still being done to confirm the benefits claimed by yoga exercises.

Premature ejaculating can be prevented by slow and conscious breathing during sexual intercourse. Slow breathing has a calming effect and helps you focus less on your genitals. Adopting your partner’s breathing rate during intercourse has a positive way of helping both of you attain orgasm together.



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